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6 Tips For A Kids’ Room Design That Grows With Them

Kids have their own fun and unique tastes, and they want their rooms to reflect that! But as they grow up, those tastes change… multiple times. Save yourself the money and hassle of redoing their rooms as they grow up with some helpful design ideas from DeLuca Homes that will please every age!


  1. Don’t design for babies & toddlers. Design for the bigger kids they’ll become. Planning ahead saves you from having to completely re-do their rooms in a few years.


  1. Choose a neutral, classic color palette. Nothing too trendy or overly bright. You can add accents of color with sheets & pillows, artwork, and area rugs.


  1. Buy good quality furniture that will last through crayons, roughhousing and temper tantrums. Nothing too cutesy or kid-centric. Buy a double bed if you have the space & money. It can double as your guest bed.


  1. Consider pieces that are multi-functional, like a changing table that becomes a dresser or desk, or bed with storage underneath. And built-in bookshelves and/or a desk are practical and space-saving. They can be used if you eventually turn the room into an office.


  1. Don’t be afraid of patterns & prints! A stick-on mural, chalkboard paint, stripes, patterns, animal prints… the walls can make the room come to life! Prints can be subtle or vibrant, playful or elegant. And one wall covered in black chalkboard paint will let your little artist create his/her own artwork.


  1. Ask your child for their input! What you’re envisioning may not be what they’re envisioning. Let the room reflect THEIR personality – not yours. You can set limits, but be willing to compromise. After all, you want them to feel comfortable in their space.


And remember to have fun. Make it a room that you and your child will love to spend time in for years to come. A room that reflects how cool the kid who lives in it is!