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6 Tricks to Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

Some tricks at Halloween time are better than others, especially when they’re going to help make carving your pumpkin this year a real treat! So before you grab your tools and get all set up, check out these clever tricks to carving the best looking (and smelling) jack-o-lantern in the neighborhood!

  1. Choose Your Tools. Serrated or boning knives work best for cutting out the lid or larger holes. When carving the finer details, try small, paring knives that often come in pumpkin-carving kits safe for kids. Then when it’s time to remove all those pesky seeds, just grab an Ice Cream Scoop, and get scooping!


  1. Carving to Perfection. To prevent your lid from falling through once you replace it, forget carving straight up and down, but instead, carve on a slight angle. When you’re scooping away at the inside of your pumpkin, try to hollow out as much of the walls as possible. It will make carving the smaller details through them easier. Lastly, if your pumpkin is uneven or bumpy, cut a large hole in the base to help provide balance. It will also make relighting and extinguishing your candle a breeze too!


  1. Spice Things Up. You can make your jack-o-lantern smell like a delicious pumpkin pie by sprinkling a little cinnamon inside the lid. As soon as you light that candle, you won’t be able to get enough of the fallesque aroma!


  1. Time to Shine. If you’re using old-fashioned candles, create a little chimney for your pumpkin to breathe. Light the candle and put the lid back on for a few minutes to see where the lid has blackened. Then cut a small hole here for smoke to escape. For an easier alternative, grab some battery-operated tea lights, rainbow LEDs or even strobe lights for a cool effect.


  1. Get Creative. Save those pumpkin seeds for a yummy fall snack! And before you toss those scraps, consider getting creative by adding them as decorative elements to your finished product like oozing from the mouth or eyes of your jack-o-lantern! Also, check out these fun ways to use your pumpkin after Halloween!


  1. Make Your Pumpkin Last. You can help seal in moisture by spreading petroleum jelly on the cut edges of your pumpkin. Or try adding some bleach to a spray bottle filled with water. By spraying it daily, you’ll be able to fight mold while preventing your pumpkin from drying out.  As a last resort to revive your pumpkin if all else fails, place it facedown in cold water for up to 8 hours.