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Choose to Build New or Buy a Quick Delivery Home

The new year is here! As you look ahead to all of the exciting things coming your way in 2022, you may be ready for the next wonderful phase of life in a brand new DeLuca home in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After all, a new home means more possibilities — more space to personalize, more modern home features to enjoy, and more connections to your community and beyond.


If you are currently deciding on a new home, you have several options to consider, based on your timeline. For example, if you prefer to move into a new home as soon as possible, you can choose to buy a quick delivery home that provides all the advantages of new construction, from contemporary design to all-new systems and appliances, but with a shorter wait time (if any at all).


On the other hand, if you would like to make personalizations and you are able to wait longer to move in, you can choose to build a new home. When it comes to the decision to purchase a new home, you should not have to compromise your personal schedule or design preferences. With a variety of options, you can settle into the exact home you want, when you want to.


Building vs. Buying a New Home


Reasons to Build a New Home


  • You prefer to include add-on features, such as built-ins around the fireplace in the family room, a bay window in the owners bedroom, or a finished basement 
  • You want to select unique options for your home, from cabinets to floors, with the help of a design consultant 
  • You do not mind waiting a bit longer to move into your new home


Reasons to Buy a Quick Delivery Home


  • You are eager to start enjoying the benefits of a new home, from more open space to all-new appliances and everything in between
  • You find a quick-move-in home that is designed to your liking

Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting experiences of your life, which means that you should be able to decide what you want in terms of design, and when you want to move in. Whether you choose to build a new DeLuca home or buy a quick delivery home, you will be in control of your new home journey. Your best days are just ahead — cheers to a new year and new beginnings!