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Home Design Trends for 2021

As we embrace the warm, sunny days of summer, it’s a good time to review the trends that are heating up in design and homebuilding. While a few are obviously inspired by our recent pandemic experience, others seem to be a reaction against the minimalist finishes that have been the go-to for the past decade. 


Current Home Design Trends

  • Stylish kitchens with contrast

While an all-white kitchen is a classic, bolder color palettes on cabinetry and contrasting backsplashes are definitely showing up more often. Add in luxe statement lighting and sleek gold hardware for an all-new look. 

  • Bonus spaces that double as a home office

Working from home will continue to be a theme in years to come, and homeowners are looking for dedicated workspaces within their homes. Turning a loft or guest room into an office is one design trend that’s here to stay.


current home design trends 2021

  • Quartz countertops 

Versatile, practical, contemporary and elegant, quartz has everything you want in a countertop material. Quartz countertops pair well with both light and dark colored cabinets, making them easy to integrate into any kitchen color scheme.

  • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

COVID-19 put cleanliness top of mind for many homeowners, and designers predict easy-to-clean materials (glass, metal) will rise in popularity as a way to curb the spread of germs indoors. 

  • Warm, Earthy Colors

Color shades continue to warm up. Warm neutrals and rich earth tones embody coziness. Designers predict that deep, earthy shades (browns, greens & oranges) will begin to replace cool grays. Paint and fabric with yellow or red undertones have a homey, inviting effect.

  • Dramatic Ceilings

Vaulted, coffered or tray ceilings are a great way to add both interest and volume to any space, and fit well in both contemporary and traditional home designs. It’s a great opportunity to think outside the box when it comes to ceiling design.

  • Statement Headboards 

With the rise of trendy boutique hotels, the headboard has become a focal point in bedroom decor. Using interesting colors and styles, it’s a great way to add character. It’s like art above your bed.