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DeLuca’s Best Practices if You Work from Home

It’s easy to relax and entertain in the comfort of your home, but it may not be as easy to work from it. As technology has accommodated the needs of working remotely, more and more people are doing so. While it certainly has its advantages, there are some challenges involved with so much flexibility. If your office and your home are one in the same, here are some best practices to helping you stay productive throughout the workday.


Set and Keep Office Hours.yorkshire-model-9

A lot of people who work from home tend to overwork or struggle to keep a routine, so setting specific office hours is key. You can’t avoid all distractions, like an unexpected deadline or family obligation, but try your best to keep your work in your office. Don’t check emails after hours and create specific time slots for certain tasks. Be sure to communicate your schedule with family and friends, so they can respect this time as well.


Dress to Impress.
Even on days you won’t be seeing anyone at all, getting out of your PJs helps distinguish the line between home and office psychologically. Make time to shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and eat a good meal, so you have a fresh start and a fresh mind each morning. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, but preparing yourself physically and mentally will help you take on the day more confidently.

 Structure Your Day.

Plan your work around your most productive hours. Without an enforced clock in and clock out, it’s easy to let your work flow into your personal time. If you know you work best in the morning, plan your important projects for that time, and resist temptation to check emails before then. Utilize filing systems, to-do lists and schedules to make sure you stay on track each day.

Take Breaks.

Just as important as planning out your work hours is scheduling your breaks. Make time to stretch, walk around or go to lunch with friends. Taking breaks is a healthy habit to have and enables you to regroup mentally. A little midday socializing is an advantage to creating your own work schedule, and can help you be more productive in the second half of the day.

Create a Designated Work Space.

This space should reflect a true office environment. Make sure it is located away from your bed or TV, in order to remove yourself from the all-too-comfortable feeling of home. You want this area to emulate an office space where you keep all your work-related files and supplies. Try to work here consistently and surround yourself with things that inspire you to be productive. Make it effective, but enjoyable to be in!

Avoid Distractions.5-things-you-should-know-when-working-from-home

This may be as simple as shutting the door if you have one, but mostly, this means planning ahead. If you have children, schedule activities or child care during your work hours, and make sure pets are cared for, so you’re not forced to get up and let the dog out multiple times a day. Have snacks readily available so you’re not tempted to visit the fridge. Finally, put off household chores and errands until you’ve officially “clocked out” for the day.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.
Typically, working from home tends to encourage a sedentary lifestyle, and with the kitchen so close by, it’s easy to form some bad habits. It’s important to make time to exercise on a regular basis, as well as surround yourself with healthier snacks that keep you out of the kitchen, and away from temptation. Also, be sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated!


By following these best practices, you can better minimize the challenges and distractions of working from home. If you’re planning on working remotely in the near future and are looking for a home that can accommodate your office needs, contact Deluca to discuss the design options for your new home today!