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DeLuca’s DIY Projects to Fill Your Summer Days

Now that the long, lazy days of summer are upon us, you might find that you need a project to keep yourself – and the kids – busy. Here are some DIY projects ranging from organization to interior design to outdoor fun.


  • Round up the toys. In the family room, try piling toys into inexpensive galvanized buckets labeled with easy-to-read categories. In the garage, pegboard is a great way to get things off the floor. You can choose hooks, hangers or baskets to keep things organized.

  • Make a planter on wheels. Grab that old wagon and repurpose it as an herb planter or flower box! Spray paint it if you want a color other than rusted wagon. Drill drainage holes. Line with gravel. Add potting soil & plants.


  • Give your bedroom a new look. Buy an old headboard and paint it a great new color. Or wrap natural linen and batting around squares of plywood for an upholstered look.


  • Play with fire. Outdoor fire features are hot right now. And nothing beats a fire pit set into the ground. Basically a glorified campfire, a built-in pit has sturdy walls that help contain the flames and heat. Just check local codes on open flames before you get started.


  • Create your own wall art. Make a bold statement with a dramatic new wall color, adorned with empty, colorful picture frames. Or buy a cheap mirror and hot glue seashells or other natural elements to it. Instant art!


  • Get your yard swinging! Kids love the feeling of flying on a swing. And all you need to create a vintage tree swing is a seat, a rope, and a sturdy tree. Make sure the limb you choose is very healthy – and at least 8 inches thick.


  • If all else fails, make lemonade. When it’s hot and the kids are bored, create an old-fashioned lemonade stand. It gives the kids something to do – and will teach them the benefits of entrepreneurial spirit.