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DeLuca’s own Steve Paul named HBA’s Builder of the Year!

Recently, DeLuca Homes’ Director of Construction, Steve Paul, was named the Builder of the Year at the 2017 Synergy Awards sponsored by the HBA of Bucks & Montgomery Counties. (Our president, Vince DeLuca, won this award previously.) We are so proud of Steve and everything he has accomplished both here at DeLuca and in his role as president of the HBA.

We asked Steve to talk a little about the Pillar Award – and how he felt when he accepted it.

“The awards banquet was one of the largest ones we’ve had in the last ten years – over 400 people attended!

“When my name was announced, I was honestly speechless. I was not expecting to receive the award, so I had to give a quick, impromptu speech. I mentioned that the success that I was being awarded for was really recognition for the HBA for the successful year we had in 2016, and the support that I received from everyone throughout my term as president of the HBA.

“When I became president in January of 2016, my platform was to get the Associates in our HBA more opportunities to bid on builders’ work. Since our association is built on a membership of over 300 Associates, I felt they needed to get more value out of their memberships. I guess I accomplished that goal, since the Associates vote for the Builder of the Year!”

We also asked Steve to talk about his years with DeLuca, and what it means to work here. “I have been with DeLuca Homes for over 32 years, and my favorite part of working here is the pride, loyalty and energy that make all of us work to be the best every day. We take extreme pride in everything that we do. And we never hesitate to go above and beyond when it comes to meeting our buyers’ expectations.

“What’s unique about DeLuca Home’s building/construction process is that we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve – from attempting to find the right products for our buyers to looking for the best, most cost-effective way to build. The loyalty and dedication of our employees, from Sales to P&E to Construction, exemplify the ‘whatever it takes’ approach we have to achieving the best end result – a happy and satisfied homeowner.”

Steve also gave us some feedback on how he incorporates DeLuca’s dedication to personalization and flexibility into his work. “We truthfully look at every buyer’s requests as a challenge to see if we can accomplish what they are looking for, and if we can give them exactly what they want, at a cost that works for the buyer and for DeLuca.

“At the construction end of things, we meet with each buyer numerous times regarding the construction of their home, in order to educate them and make sure that they are satisfied with our process.

“From beginning to end, we sincerely try to give the buyer what they are looking for, in any of our homes.