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DeLuca’s Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips!

Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to turn your home into the ultimate haunted house! Check out these fun craft ideas that will make decorating your DeLuca home this October fun for the whole family!

Spooky Silhouettes
Black vinyl sheets are great for spooky cut outs on any surface. Create a graveyard scene on your garage door and a swarm of spiders or bats on your front door. They’ll require some creativity and possible stenciling, but you’ll certainly create a spooky scene that won’t go unnoticed. Another bonus is they’re very easy to remove and toss once the holiday is over.
Pumpkin Art
The jack-o-lantern is a classic, but try something a little different by swapping out your carving tools for some paint. A green pumpkin flipped on its side becomes a witch with a stem for a crooked nose or a black pumpkin wrapped in white gauze is the perfect mummy. These spooky pumpkin ideas are just as fun to create with the family, but are often easier for little ones and more impressive to the neighbors!

Creepy Crawlers
Having a dinner party? Instead of putting out your nice china, grab some inexpensive white plates and stencil on some tiny black spiders with black ceramic paint. These little bug silhouettes are easy-to-create but are sure to give everyone the heebie jeebies. Take it one step further, and add store bought plastic spiders to the table that appear more life-like as they crawl off your plate on onto your silverware!

The Mad Scientist
Some homemade science concoctions make for very creepy centerpieces or mantel decorations. Fill lidded jars with water, food coloring and whatever rubber creature you can find to really spook your guests. Mice, snakes and insects can all create the look of an eerie lab or even dried flowers or leaves add a little mystery to your concoctions.

Ghostly Draperies
For a full creepy porch or entranceway makeover with little effort, grab some cheap cheesecloth sheets that can be ripped and stretched for tattered, ghostly decor. Soak the cheesecloth in black tea for an aged look or add some creepy crawlers for an extra touch. Hang them above the entry and make guests have to push them aside to come inside!

*Use the same idea as chair slipcovers to bring the ghostly silhouette inside your home!6ca966716475fe1f35a24f95e137abc7

Foggy Drink Coolers
Dry ice is the perfect way to create the eerie fog that is known to lurk around every haunted house. Use it in your punch bowl or pitcher at a party to not only spook your guests, but also keep your drinks cold! (Handle the dry ice with care, as it can be harmful to bare skin)

Lurking Eyes
Set the scene for trick or treaters by filling your front yard with mysterious, gazing ghouls. Cut out various eye shapes (like you would on a jack-o-lantern) into old toilet paper rolls and fill them with multicolored glow sticks for illumination. Hide them throughout the bushes, shrubs or even windows to create ominous eyes that watch passers-by throughout the night!

A couple of these easy, DIY crafts are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, while creating a fun, spooky ambience in your home! Show off your creativity with these decorations that are sure to make your home the coolest on the block this Halloween!