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DeLuca’s Tips for Making Your Move a Little Easier


Moving can be a monumental task, but some forethought and organization throughout the months and weeks leading up to moving day can help make it less stressful.


  1. Make sure you talk to your kids about the move. Ask them about their feelings so that you know their concerns, uncertainties, and fears. Involve them in the moving process.
  1. Make time for the kids to explore their new home and neighborhood. If you live far away, show them pictures of their new neighborhood.
  1. Purge closets. Clean out drawers and cupboards. Get rid of stuff that you don’t want or need to move.
  1. Notify schools and medical practices that you are moving; arrange for records to be transferred.
  1. Hire professional movers. Enjoy having someone experienced handle delicate or heavy items, pack them properly and transport them safely.
  1. Alert utility companies to disconnect services the day after you move.
  1. Arrange for transportation for dogs, cats, birds, etc.
  1. Cancel subscriptions; complete change of address forms; notify employers and insurance providers of new address, etc.
  1. Start packing. Make sure you have enough supplies. Moving boxes, packing tape, trash bags, scissors, permanent markers and bubble wrap.istock_000015008846_medium
  1. Clear porches and walkways. Take doors off the hinges if you know certain items will not fit through. Remove throw rugs that could cause someone to trip or slip.
  1. Appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators must be disconnected, and the washer must have a stabilizer installed before moving.
  1. On Moving Day, dress for comfort. Jeans are ideal, but stretchy fabrics are also good. Pockets are good for keeping small, valuable items safe. If your ID/wallet is in your pocket, you know where it is at all times. If you have heavy boots, wear them. Boxes get dropped and thick boots will protect your toes from injury.
  1. Remember to leave a sweater or jacket unpacked. After a long and exhausting day, being cold is the last thing you want.
  1. Keep kids’ favorite toys and comfort items close by. Pack beloved items in easily accessible places. Though you may be tempted to get rid of a ratty blanket or stuffed animal, don’t do it now.
  1. When the moving truck arrives at the new house, station the children in their new rooms (so they are out of the way), unless they are big enough to actually help. Tell them not to unpack stuff until the furniture is in their room and they have a place to put their clothes.
  1. Pack an overnight bag with extra changes of clothing (include sleepwear and underwear), and toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant), plus towels and washcloths for cleaning up.
  1. Make sure you have snacks like fruit, nuts, and granola bars since they require no refrigeration, no preparation, and no utensils. Don’t forget drinks – bottled water, juices, tea bags, instant coffee.
  1. Bring a bottle of wine to reward yourself at the end of Moving Day. (Don’t forget the wine opener and wineglasses.) Or if you’re an avid reader, bring a book you’ve been dying to read to help you fall asleep that first night.
  1. Make sure you have essential paper supplies. You do not want to be digging through boxes looking for toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues.
  1. Keep whatever routines you have if possible. From breakfast to bedtime, kids like to know that some things never change.