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Stay Healthy and Safe With Energy Efficient Homes at the Estates at Creekside

When you think of home, you think of safety, comfort, and the place where you always feel your best. That’s why improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency have never been more important to you and your family. Along with saving you money, these modern, high-performance features are what help to make a house a home. With these features, depending on what model type you choose, you could save up to $3,081 a year on your energy bills.estates at creekside kitchen

At DeLuca Homes, we believe in high standards. Every home at the Estates at Creekside in Ivyland, PA is ENERGY STAR® & Indoor airPLUS certified, because your health, comfort, and savings should always come first. With reduced energy, pollutants, and allergens, and increased safety, comfort, and savings, every day feels like a breath of fresh air — literally. Now you can breathe easy in your new home! Not only are our energy-efficient homes healthier for your family, they also have a smaller environmental impact on our planet.

This holiday season, forget about drafts and cold floors, and enjoy the warmth that comes from the highest-quality insulation and construction. Once you and your family step out to explore the wintertime magic of Ivyland, your home knows to keep you warm and cozy the moment you return.

With 17 single-family family homes nestled along a gorgeous tree-lined road, the intimate and exclusive Estates at Creekside is the place you were always meant to live. Here, you have the peace and privacy that you know and love, along with the Council Rock School District that ensures the greatest experience for your children.

At DeLuca Homes, our job doesn’t stop at bringing you a beautiful living space — above all else, we help to enhance your life. All of this starts with a home that’s designed for today’s world, which means it offers the best of the best in energy-saving features. We can’t wait forEstates at Creekside you to experience the sheer comfort and peace of mind that comes from an Estates at Creekside home!
For more information on our energy-efficient homes and to see specifically what features are included in our energy-efficient homes, please visit our website or contact our Sales Manager, Janice Kopenits, at 267-201-8239 or jkopenits@delucahomes.