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Energy-Efficient New Homes in Bucks County

Your family’s comfort and well-being always come first. So if you are ready to look for a new home, energy-efficient features are a good thing to put at the top of your priority list. These features are not just good for the environment, they help you save money while keeping you comfortable.

Above all else, there is something special about knowing your home has your back. From morning to night, features like Energy Star rated appliances and Greenguard certified insulation provide the peace of mind and comfort you deserve. When you are searching for a new home, here are a few key features to look for:


  • Radiant barrier roof decking and wall sheathing 
  • High-efficiency air conditioning
  • Energy Star rated appliances
  • Insulated low-E glass windows with vinyl frames
  • Energy-saving LED light bulbs
  • Polyseal sealant
  • Greenguard certified insulation
  • PEX plumbing system


One of the best things about an energy-efficient home is that you can enjoy lower energy costs while contributing to the well-being of the planet. Whereas older homes were not built to today’s standards of energy efficiency, a new DeLuca home can provide the peace of mind you are looking for. Contact us for more information on energy-efficient living!