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Flowers Field: The Great Resettlement of Edgewood Village

Flowers Field at Yardley is a distinctive place to call home as it recalls a period when villages were all that stood in the early woodlands of Bucks County. In settlements past, everyone knew their neighbors and each carved out a lifestyle that fulfilled their dreams. To this day, homeowners want that type of healthy and contented lifestyle.

final-deluca-flower-fields-single-home-view-1-bEdgewood Village is clustered so imaginatively with numerous conveniences that combine to make Edgewood singular in the Makefields. Amazing amenities, roadways in every direction, shopping and almost everything one could want are nearby. Touring and big cities are far away—but are expediently close when you need them to be. Bucks County is loaded with factual history and has numerous hidden gems for those who seek them. Restaurants, theaters, shopping centers of all sizes are close by and top tier. All professions, including financiers, doctors, medical services, lawyers and proximity to the modern world are all around. A mile or two in any direction introduces the seeker to many of the incomparable benefits of this perfect location.

Convenience is a wo13669346_1780641545513453_648873127844971610_ord that defines Flowers Field living. Whatever you want or need is almost right at your front door–no long trips for almost any necessity. The businesses that surround this distinctive neighborhood include fine dining, a bakery and other professional businesses that will add to the village lifestyle. Imagine meeting friends at the coffee shop that is only steps away—no need to drive there.

Location, Location, Location is an overused term, but in this case, it defines all that Flowers Field at Yardley provides. Edgewood Village was once an important pathway in historic Bucks County. It will now be a destination of repute with impressive new homes built by DeLuca Homes, a long standing local builder.