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Get your shopping shoes on… It’s almost Black Friday!

For some, the most exciting shopping day of the year; for others, an event to be avoided at all costs… Either way, Black Friday is almost upon us. Here are some tips for making your shopping adventures more efficient – and perhaps less aggravating!

Make a budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend BEFORE you start shopping. Figure out your must-haves. Calculate the maximum amount you can’t go over. And don’t forget to account for office gifts and parties.

On-line or in-store. Shopping from your computer or phone might sound like the perfect alternative to hordes of people, but online shopping has its own drawbacks. If you can, look at both in-store and online prices. A store’s website might start Black Friday sales earlier than the physical store, helping you get a better price. Or it might match store prices.

Download apps or deal trackers. Keeping track of deals and pricing on Black Friday can be tough. Downloading apps like DealNews or GottaDeal, and signing up for alerts from your favorite stores or sites, can make the whole process easier.

Be a social media butterfly. Start following your favorite stores on your favorite social platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Then keep an eye out for coupons, sale previews, and Black Friday ads. These can net you some serious savings, or help you find a bargain you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Update online shopping accounts. Black Friday is all about timing and efficiency, so spending a few minutes on this ahead of time could be the difference between nabbing or losing a great deal. Visit all of your usual online retailer accounts, and make sure that your shipping address and billing information are up-to-date.

Use only one credit card. Data breaches are more common around the holidays, which means you need to be extra careful on Black Friday. To minimize risk, use ONE credit card for all of your purchases. Make sure it’s a credit card with fraud protection. Do not use your debit card.

Expect to be frustrated. Over-crowded stores. Overloaded servers. Inaccurate inventory. Expired deals. Expect the worst, and you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t find any deals, it’s okay to walk away with nothing. And any deals you do find will feel more rewarding.