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How to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is the visual impact your home’s exterior makes. It tells the world that your home’s appearance matters to you. People form crucial impressions of your home the minute they first see it, so give yours great curb appeal with some simple updates.


  1. Give it a good cleaning. It may seem obvious, but the simplest way to enhance curb appeal is by cleaning the exterior of your home. Turn the nozzle on the hose to the strongest setting and clean the driveway, sidewalk, windows, and fence. If your home’s exterior is really dirty, rent a power washer — but steer clear of any area with caulking, like windows and doors, as you can damage the sealing. Do not power wash your roof, or you may damage the shingles. Clean the windows inside and out with a mixture of detergent diluted in warm water.


  1. Replace your light fixtures. Updating light fixtures is another curb appeal basic. You can usually find outdoor lights at home centers. Just make sure the new light fixtures have the same mounting system as the current ones. Don’t forget your walkways, too. New solar LED lights are affordable and easy to install. Place them where they highlight your home’s best attributes – landscaping, walking paths or any interesting features.


  1. Give your doors a facelift. If you don’t want to spend a chunk of money to replace the front door or the garage doors, a new coat of paint can do wonders. Consider adding molding, which offers a decorative frame and is more welcoming.


  1. Spruce up your house numbers. If you’d rather not add house numbers to your freshly painted door, you might also consider:
  • Painting a planter with the house number and placing it by the doorstep.
  • Adding house numbers to a post near the front porch.
  • Hanging or painting numbers on the front porch stair risers.


  1. Upgrade the mailbox. If your street-side mailbox had a rough winter or is just looking a little ragged, it’s time to replace it. But why stop there? Try planting a mailbox garden. Choose plants that will not become overgrown or require too much upkeep. Dwarf, compact shrubs are good choices because they stay smaller and require less pruning. Place taller plants along the back of the bed, and leave a space towards the front where you can plant a few seasonally appropriate annuals.


  1. Add some life with plants. Placing acontainer garden at your doorstep is a quick and affordable way to liven things up. Not a fan of flowers? Try foliage plants. Just choose something low-maintenance so that they thrive even if you forget to water them. Choose pots and plants that complement the colors and style of the house. Flower boxes are also a quick way to add some life and color to your house windows.


  1. Evaluate your landscaping. Assess ‘trash trees’ and overgrown foundation plantings. Have the big stuff removed by a professional. Then gauge the effectiveness of your landscape. Is your vegetable garden a bust? Do you wish there was less lawn? Are you longing for more outdoor living space? Take a good look at what you like and don’t like about your gardens and outdoor spaces.


  1. Don’t forget the furniture. Outdoor living spaces are all the rage right now. Try to match your furniture style and colors with your house. A wide front porch just screams for rocking chairs or a swing. That spacious back deck will be perfect for lounge chairs and a dining table. And who can resist a hammock strung between trees.