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How We Provide The “DeLuca Difference”

For decades, DeLuca has built quality homes, while simultaneously building an award-winning reputation with our customers. With every small detail and every big decision, we’ve helped countless people build their dream homes. At DeLuca, there’s more than one reason we’re not your average homebuilder. In fact, we’ll give you eight.

  1. The Options. From townhomes to single-family homes, DeLuca offers a variety of new home styles and floor plans to fit your lifestyle. Our décor centers allow you to come pick out your favorite finishes, features and all other personal touches and upgrades. Our expansive selection makes it easy to create the home you always dreamed of owning.
  1. Homebuying Process. We’re just as committed to the home buying experience as we are the quality of your home. We listen to all your needs and desires to ensure tha13653238_1780641652180109_2639255126962042282_ot we’re building a home that best reflects you. DeLuca will keep you involved in every step of the process, from design and construction to financing programs, making the process as hassle-free as possible.
  1. Location, Location, Location. DeLuca’s communities give you a number of options on where to build your dream home, all of which are nestled in prime locations close to area schools, businesses, parks and other great community offerings. While some builders have quality homes and others offer a good location, DeLuca can give you the best of both.
  1. Value. Competitive pricing is just one of the differentiating factors that goes into the value of a DeLuca home. Your home should be built with innovative, quality design in the location that suits your needs. We’re continually striving to make the process better, so that each homeowner is presented fresh, inventive designs offering the most beauty and comfort possible. We simply provide you with more home for your money.
  1. Concern for the Environment. Our communities are carefully designed to blend into their natural surroundings and preserve the beauty and growth of the area. Everything from the lawns, sidewalks, driveways and trees benefit from a more natural setting, while we maintain the integrity of the land.
  1. 50 Years of Experience. In over 50 years, DeLuca has designed and built thousands of beautiful homes, all expertly crafted and attractively engineered to each individual client. We’ve always set the highest standards for each home buying process, learning from each experience and client along the way.
  1. 13669346_1780641545513453_648873127844971610_oFamily Tradition. DeLuca Homes is family-owned and privately held. We’re guided by the second generation of the DeLuca family with a mission that combines our timeless traditions and building methods with the most advanced techniques in the industry. We can ensure an unwavering commitment to quality and value, simply because our family’s name is on the line.
  1. Quality Assurance. Our dedication to customer service goes far beyond once you buy your home. Even once you’re settled in, you can rest assured that DeLuca is looking out for you. Our 60-day and 1-year home warranties give you the ability to review any items of concern and schedule necessary repairs during these crucial inspection times. A DeLuca Customer Service Rep evaluate and take care of any needed repairs, so you can be confident that your home is built to last for years to come.

Choose the builder you know, and the quality you trust. Choose DeLuca Homes; designed for living, built for life.