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It’s Not Hard to Create a Spa of Your Own

No time for a visit to the spa? Create your own oasis at home by turning your owner’s bath into a spa. The easiest way to do that is by appealing to your senses, especially scent, sight and touch.

  1. Go minimalist. Choose cabinets with little adornment and a streamlined look. Opt for a nature-inspired color palette, such as light browns, grays, pale greens, pale blues or whites. Natural materials like wood and stone are great additions, too.


  1. No clutter. Looking at counters full of stuff is not relaxing – ever. Give yourself the gift of tidiness. Get rid of old or expired items. Organize what’s left. Hide it away or store it in nice containers, bins or baskets.


  1. Dive into hydrotherapy. Deep soaking-style tubs are great for relaxing and easing aches & pains. But if you don’t have a tub, go for a massage or rainfall showerhead. You’ll still benefit from the benefits of warm water, and unlike the bath, you’ll use it every day!


  1. Invest in mood lighting. Super bright lighting is definitely not conducive to a relaxing soak in the tub. Install smart light bulbs, smart switches or even a standard dimmer switch to mellow the lighting. Or go really old school with the soothing glow of candlelight.


  1. Wrap yourself in warmth. Nothing beats a warm towel after a shower. A towel warming drawer or bar is so luxurious, but also affordable and easy to install. Splurge on a soft robe and a fluffy rug, too.


  1. Take a deep breath. Aromatherapy essential oils and candles can have an instant effect. Calm an overactive mind with soothing lavender; relieve sore
    muscles with peppermint; boost your immune system with tea tree oil.


  1. Green is good. Plants are a great way to add color, and they help clean the air, too. They love the humidity of the bathroom! Try bamboo, aloe or philodendron.


  1. Give yourself a soundtrack. Whether you’re meditating or getting pumped for the day ahead, musical accompaniment is a necessity. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker or radio is your answer.