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It’s so easy to build your forever home at DeLuca Homes!

Deciding to design and build a home can seem intimidating. There are so many decisions to make, so many steps in the process… Relax! At DeLuca Homes, our process is so easy and practiced, you’ll wonder why you didn’t build your forever home sooner! Plus, with our extensive selection of options and upgrades, you’ll have a ball customizing your new home. And our team of experts – sales representatives, design consultants and construction managers – will help guide you from day one.

Building your DeLuca home is as easy as counting to 9!


  1. After you chose your home site, model, and structural options, you will sign the agreement to purchase and we’re off!


  1. Visit our Décor Center and pick out your favorite finishes, features and options with our design consultants. Personalize your home and make your final selections.

  1. Next up, you’ll meet the Construction Manager, and ask all the questions you want about our construction process. After reviewing your selections, we kick off construction.


  1. Once construction is moving along, we’ll meet at your new home for a pre-drywall meeting. You’ll get to see the structural quality, confirm optional electrical locations, and see mechanical systems before they are hidden from view by drywall.


  1. When your home is almost ready, we will contact you to confirm the date, time and location of closing.


  1. You will meet with a Customer Service team representative to get acquainted with your new home warranty program and our service process. Before closing, we will walk through your home with you and demonstrate its features and amenities. Together, we will identify any items that need to be addressed prior to closing.

  1. We will walk through your new home with you one last time just prior to closing to demonstrate that the home is ready for you to take ownership.


  1. Closing day! We transfer ownership of the home to you and you get the keys to your customized forever home.
  2. Enjoy your new home for years to come! Take comfort in knowing your home is warranted and our customer service team is here for you and your family.