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Kitchen and Bathroom Trends You’ll Love This Year

There are so many incredible advantages to buying a new home versus a used one, but none better than having the ability to decorate your way, from your kitchen to your bathrooms. Out of all the spaces in your home, these are among the most personal… which means your design choices should always come first.


After you’ve found the perfect DeLuca home, you’re free to unleash your unique style and creativity and turn your kitchen and bathrooms into the spaces you’ve always dreamed of. Take a look at a few of our favorite design trends of 2019 and get inspired to decorate your oasis from top to bottom however you like!


Things Are Heating Up in the Kitchen


Open Shelving: Have you ever been told to keep an open mind or have an open heart? Now it really is all about being open… In place of cabinets that conceal what’s inside, the newest trend is open shelving in metal, wood, or glass. This look was “inspired by hotel and retail spaces,” and truly brings chic luxury to your kitchen.


Two Tone: Simply put, two tones are now better than one. While it may seem strange to mix colors, especially when it comes to your cabinets, the latest kitchen craze is “wood cabinets paired with painted cabinets.” Sleek, artsy, and entirely unique, this pairing easily turns your kitchen into the hottest room in your home.


Curated Feel: Your brand new DeLuca home gives you every opportunity to showcase your personal style, especially in your kitchen. With the popularity of open shelving, curated pieces in your home are now more in than ever. Display your all-time favorites pieces, from crocks to vases, and watch your kitchen sparkle.

Texture Time: Just like getting creative with recipes and food, getting creative with kitchen design couldn’t be more fun. Designers are now putting a big focus on “mixing up the finishes” like in the kitchen you see here

there’s “white beadboard on the ceiling, shiplap on the walls, brass strap hinges and latches on the cabinets, black marble on the island countertop, and warm woods on the floors, backsplash, and countertops.”


Every Day Is Spa Day in Your Bathroom


Be Bold: Whereas “all white” once reigned in the bathroom, now it’s all about the beauty of darkness. Matte black accents, whether a showerhead, faucet, or vanity hardware, bring an incredibly sleek and bold feel to your space, and recreate that “spa feel” you know and love.


Vanity Love: Of course, a great vanity is a staple in your master bathroom, but did you know that top designers are now putting them in front of windows? Along with having beautiful lighting while you get ready for the day, you also have more than one gorgeous view to look at…

A New Kind of Tile: In both our kitchens and bathrooms, the use of trendy tiles are nothing new. But long, skinny tiles are now making their way into the spotlight and we couldn’t love them more. This trend is both classic and completely unique at the same time, and brings such a fresh look to your personalized bathroom.


Get Artsy: If you’re a fan of beautiful art, from paintings to sculptures to photographs, you probably have at least one piece proudly hanging in your home. But artwork is not only limited to bedrooms and living areas… Today, art in bathrooms sets the “tone and mood of a space” and immediately draws your eye to its beauty.

Mirror On the Wall: Last but not least, your bathroom’s mirror — AKA the focal point of the entire room. Plain and classic mirrors always do the job, but don’t be afraid to let a bit of your wild side out. A “statement mirror” can do wonders for the space and truly reflect your unique personality and style.


This summer, all of us at DeLuca Homes are so excited to see what you come up with in your home. Finally, you’re the hot designer of the moment — and your home is your personal canvas to showcase everything you love. From your kitchen to your bathrooms, it’s time to design the rooms of your dreams. Happy designing!