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We Know What You Want and We Have It!

The recently released “What Home Buyers Really Want” study from the NAHB highlights the most highly desired features in new homes. (As noted in a national survey of more than 3,200 recent and prospective home buyers.) DeLuca Homes can proudly state that we not only know what you want in a new home… it’s already here! 


Our New Home Features


Among the most desired features is, surprisingly, a laundry room. Our homes have laundry rooms to love, with plenty of light and space, customized cabinetry, and convenient locations on either the first or second floor. (Say goodbye to your dark, dank and cramped laundry room!)


Other “most wanted” features are energy efficient windows, appliances, and lighting. We’re all over those, too. We know how important energy-efficient features are, from insulated doors to efficient ductwork and everything in between. 


construction features at deluca homes


Our windows have low-E glass that minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that comes in through the glass while reducing heat loss. We always feature the most up-to-date appliances, and all of our light fixtures are equipped with LED bulbs. Everything is verified by a third party through a HERS rating system.


Rounding out the list of features that buyers want? 

  • A patio and a front porch. Yup, we have those… in a variety of sizes & styles. 
  • A walk-in pantry. Oh, yeah. Plenty of room for your culinary requirements. 
  • Ceiling fans and hardwood floors. Of course. Wouldn’t be a DeLuca home without them! 


new home construction features deluca homes


No doubt about it. When it comes to the essentials, the must-haves in your new home, DeLuca Homes knows what you want. And we’ve already included them. All you have to do is pick your new home community! For more information, call 215-860-6500 and contact us today.