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Nothing Beats New – Especially In A New Home

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that the majority of today’s homebuyers would prefer a new home to an old one. Here are some of the top reasons why.

  • No settling for someone else’s version of your dream home.
    You get to pick what you want – and what you don’t. From countertops to cabinets to carpet and paint colors.
  • Choose a floor plan to fit your family’s needs.
    You can add rooms and features to fit the way your family really lives. Your new home can be built just the way you want.
  • Peace-of-mind, included. No extra charge.
    When you buy new, everything is still under warranty. No worries about whether you need to replace the roof or the hot water heater. Everything is brand, spanking NEW.
  • Lower energy bills.
    Older homes come with a lot of baggage – including appliances and heating and cooling systems that are not very efficient. New homes have high-energy windows and high-efficiency appliances and systems. Bottom line – you’ll save money year round.
  • Breathe a little easier.
    Today’s homes must meet stringent standards and codes not in place in the past. The result is not just high-performance energy-efficiency, but higher indoor air quality because of state-of-art ventilation and air filtration systems.
  • More free time.
    New homes – like the ones we build here at DeLuca Homes – are made from cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance. You’ll spend a lot more time trying to keep on top of your older home.
  • Safety issues.
    Are there enough outlets in that older home? What condition is the circuit breaker panel in? What about the chemicals and compounds used in building that older home? Questions you won’t have to worry about when you buy a new home.
  • You’re the first.
    You’re the first one to use the tub in your master suite. The first one to cook dinner in the oven. The first to walk barefoot on the carpet in the bedroom. And doesn’t that feel good?

Find out more reasons why new beats used when it comes to homes.

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