Quality Assurance

Quality. Every step of the way

Without question, the purchase of a new home is a major event in your life. That’s why DeLuca Homes has created a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program to ensure that quality is built into your home every step of the way insuring your satisfaction and peace of mind for years to come.


Don’t expect, what you don’t inspect…

You expect your new home to be built to the highest quality standards, that’s why we inspect every phase of construction to ensure that your home meets high expectations.

Starting with your new home site’s preparation, our on-site construction managers check every phase of construction, step by step until your home is completed.

Trained quality assurance inspectors also inspect your home at two key phases of construction. At the pre-drywall stage, they check all structural and mechanical systems to make sure they were installed to DeLuca Home’s stringent quality standards – the quality is built in before the drywall is put on. A final inspection is held just prior to your home’s closing to make sure that all details have been noted … All finish materials, from your front door to your kitchen cabinets, are checked for any flaws that need to be corrected.

The result of all these inspections – a home built to stringent quality standards.


You be the judge…

Don’t take our word for it, we invite you to see the quality for yourself. Prior to construction completion of your home, you are given the opportunity to inspect the home for yourself. At that time, the construction manager will explain how all the features and appliances in your home works and will also record any items that you believe still need attention.

Then, just prior to closing, you will be invited back for a final check and an opportunity to re-inspect your home. Your notes from the first inspection will be reviewed, so that if any items are still outstanding, they can be documented and addressed.

You can go to the closing table with confidence, knowing that your home has been inspected by the most important inspector of all…you!