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Sweet & Simple Holiday Party Recipes

There’s nothing better than being the person who made the delicious holiday dish that everyone can’t stop talking about. But what’s even better is getting all the accolades without a ton of work. Whether you’re hosting or attending a holiday shindig this year, check out these easy, but fabulous seasonal recipes that will surely steal the show!



Tips: Baguettes, crackers and a homemade dip are a perfect substitute for pricey flat breads and spreads. Turn any ricotta, mozzarella or feta into a fancy treat with some honey and fresh sage.


Spinach Artichoke and Feta Bites
This easy-to-eat, even prettier-to-look-at app is the perfect party platter. They’re bite-sized and look very festive simply by being the delicious ingredients they are!

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Ok, whether it’s summer, winter, Christmas or Fourth of July, this delicious dip is a fan favorite at every party. For the holidays, it’ll warm you right up!

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Sweet, Salty, Spicy Party Nuts

The name says it all… your taste buds will get a blast of all the seasonings of the holidays all at once! Roasted to perfection, these little snackers will be a hit!

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Tips: In a party budget, expensive meats like prime rib and beef tenderloin mean usually result in less food for more money. Other cuts like short ribs, beef chuck and pork shoulder are just as delicious but cost as low as $1 per pound!


Cranberry Stuffed Turkey Breast

Turkey isn’t just a hit at Thanksgiving! Spice up this holiday favorite by stuffing it with chopped pecans, cranberries and bread stuffing to leave guests full and satisfied.

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Christmas Lasagna

So rich and cheesy, a delicious lasagna is the perfect way to pack a big meal into one dish! Decorate the top with green and red peppers to make this entrée even more festive!

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Roasted Vegetables with Bacon
Let’s face it; the holidays are no time to commit to a diet. But for those guests looking for a slightly healthier dish, these roasted veggies are just the thing. Leave the bacon out or keep it in to please every picky eater.

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Tips: Tarts and soufflés are overrated. Grab a warm, tasty pie or baked treat and pair it with some ice cream or cool whip. Choose a festive flavor like mint or gingerbread and watch as guests go back for seconds… or thirds!


Apple Cake with a Caramel Glaze

Apple and caramel are a match made in heaven, and this dessert takes the cake! Warm and delectable, you’ll be taking praise all party.

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Perfect Sugar Cookies

Can you ever go wrong with a classic sugar cookie? This recipe helps you make the perfect batch with some inspiration for cheerful decorating with icing and edible glitter!

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Christmas Candy Cupcakes

It’s all about the decorating with a great holiday dessert. But don’t worry; these finishing touches are easy with the right candy treats (and step by step instructions).

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Tips: Skip the full bar. Stick to a single, memorable cocktail like a winter lemonade or Eggnog! This will save you money and time in preparation and ingredients.


Winter Sangria

Nothing says winter like some apple cider and cranberry! Add a couple clementines and pomegranate seeds, and you’re on your way to enjoying a deliciously refreshing winter beverage!
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Gingerbread Men Jello Shots
When a cocktail or some more dessert is just too hard of a decision to make, have both! Kahlua, pumpkin pie spice and gingerbread syrup help this cocktail satisfy your thirst AND your sweet tooth!

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Peppermint Bark Hot Chocolate


What says the holidays more than peppermint or a cup of hot cocoa! These two seasonal obsessions come together in the perfect cocktail kept in a slow cooker to stay warm all party long!

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