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Team Member Anniversary: Thank You, Joe!

Every day, we’re thankful for the incredibly talented, hardworking, and kind DeLuca team members who come together to change the lives of families from all over. Today, we’re feeling especially grateful as we celebrate the work anniversary of a team member  who has gone above and beyond to make DeLuca Homes what it is today. We sat down with our wonderful project manager, Joe Russell, to ask him a few questions for you to get to know him better. Join us in thanking Joe for his devotion to his craft and the joy he’s brought to our company for over three decades!

Joe Russell.

Tell us about your background, what you do, and how long you’ve been with DeLuca Homes.

My background is DeLuca Homes. All my job training was all in house. The owners of DeLuca Homes surrounded me with some of the best tradesmen and construction managers they had. I knew nothing about construction before getting hired. My first job title was as a construction laborer (basically, I cleaned up after everyone.)

Throughout the years, my job title changed from pre-title/customer service tech to assistant construction manager to construction manager to quality control and customer service manager to what I am today — project manager on the commercial side of the business. DeLuca Homes was my first job after high school; I’ve been employed here for over 34 years.


What’s your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of the job is knowing that I’m building a quality building that will be lived in or used for years to come, and I love that my location changes from town to town.


What’s your favorite part about the construction process?

My favorite part of the construction process is the construction of the shell of the building and helping our vendors lay out all the mechanicals.


What makes building a DeLuca home different or better than any other home?

I think it’s the time spent up front, designing the look and the layout of the home. Plus, the quality products.


Where did you grow up? Tell us about your family!

I grew up in Feasterville, PA, and I now live in Hatfield, PA. I’ve been married to my wife, Leslie, for 23 years. We have boy and girl twins that are 18 years old.


How do you like to spend your free time?

I like spending my free time on the water, fishing and boating. I love being on the water.


Tell us about someone you admire.

I admire Alfonso DeLuca for creating a great company from the ground up and teaching his sons the business.


What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

My favorite place was Key West, FL, where I went on my honeymoon. I took my fishing rods on the airplane with me and I fished almost every day.


If your life was a movie, what would your theme song be?

My theme song would be Blake Shelton’s “I Lived It.”
All of us at DeLuca Homes want to thank Joe for all that he does! We’ve been so lucky to have him on our team for 34 years here’s to the next 34!