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The Benefits of Quick Move-In Homes

Whether or not you’ve ever built a new home before, you probably know that it can take several months (and sometimes even longer) of construction before it’s ready for you to move into. And in today’s world, with many people wanting things done faster without sacrificing quality, waiting that long for a home to be built just won’t cut it. There are, of course, instances when life happens and you’re not able to wait and don’t want to invest in a used, resale home. So how can you move to a new home quickly and still have all of the same quality as a to-be-built home? DeLuca Homes has your answer! We build new quick move-in homes in Bucks and Montgomery Counties that are never-lived-in homes available sooner rather than later!

What Is A Quick Move-In Home?

Though we refer to them as available homes, you may have heard them referred to as something else, leaving you to ask, “What are quick move-in homes?” No matter if you call them spec homes, move-in ready homes, inventory homes, quick delivery homes, or any other “industry” name, they’re a great solution for many homeowners who simply want a brand new home they can move into quickly.

What are quick move in homes

Okay, so back to your “What are quick move-in homes?” question. Quick move-in homes are new-construction homes that are already in the process of being built or in some cases completely built. These new homes may have a 30-90 day move-in timeline depending on the stage of construction. Many of our quick move-in homes are equipped with certain features and upgrades, setting them apart from other homes. Quick move-in homes provide a “ready when you are” home-buying experience because there are options available in different stages of construction that can fit your specific move-in timeframe. No waiting or worrying whether your home will be ready when it’s time for you to move. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing a quick move-in home.

The Benefits & Advantages

A shorter wait period

Even with our communities already being excavated, leveled, and prepared for building, there are still a lot of steps and decision-making that go into building your home from the ground up like with to-be-built homes. With quick move-in homes, we’ve already pre-planned many of the home’s aspects, from the exact homesite to many of the features and upgrades, so it can be completed much quicker. At DeLuca Homes, your timeframe will depend on what stage of the building process the home is in when you’re ready to purchase. The convenience of a home built in a timeframe that accommodates your busy life is unbeatable.

A more streamlined design process

New home design

Quick move-in homes are pre-planned, which often means the design selections have already been chosen by a design expert. This is great for people who get easily overwhelmed by the many choices or are unsure of their personal preferences. It makes the design process more streamlined and ensures that your home will have a modern on-trend design. Another great thing about this is that sometimes a quick move-in home will have more upgraded features than the standard home.

Locked-in rates

Choosing a quick move-in home means you can take advantage of potentially better pricing. You may be able to lock in your mortgage rate because you’re able to close on the home sooner. This is a huge benefit that could save you thousands in the long run, especially during times when interest rates are a bit higher than you’d like. Quick move-in homes also come with a set price and often include builder incentives making them an even more attractive option.

Less short-term maintenance & upkeep

Unlike resale or previously owned homes, quick move-in homes are brand new. This means you can be confident that all of the appliances and materials are up to date, including HVAC systems and roofs which can be expensive home features to replace. Not to mention the headache of dealing with major renovations.

Peace of mind

Benefits of quick move in homes

It’s always nice to feel confident and have peace of mind when making a huge purchase like a home – and new quick move-in homes offer that. For starters, they come with a guaranteed warranty. (At DeLuca it includes defects in workmanship, materials, major mechanical defects, and structural issues). Secondly, you’ll be the first to live in it so you don’t have to feel like you’re getting a hand me down home. Lastly, you can tour the home and really get a feel for the livability of the layout and design firsthand versus trying to visualize it based on a 2D image or 3D virtual tour.

Quick Move-In Homes vs. To-Be-Built Homes

To-be-built homes have their own advantages for sure, but let’s take a look at how they compare to quick move-in homes and why you may want to choose them over a to-be-built home.

Quick Move-In Homes To-Be-Built Homes
 -Easy relocating because you can find a home that works with your timeline whether you need to move right away or in a month.  -Will need to wait a longer time before it’s ready and may not be able to accommodate a quick move.
 -Already filled with the most modern and trendy features and finishes chosen by professional designers.  -You will have some help choosing your features and finishes, but will at least need to have an idea of your personal style.
 -You can view the home in person when it’s complete BEFORE even deciding to make the purchase giving you peace of mind that you know what you’re getting.  -You will have to be able to understand and visualize the floor plan and how the completed home will look and feel as model tours and 3D floor plans can only do so much.
 -Oftentimes you can move in much faster making the buying process extra simple.  -These can take longer to build and move into meaning you’ll definitely need to plan for a later move-in timeframe.
 -There are some amazing incentives and price advantages, but because the price is typically preset it can be much easier to stay within budget.  -While you can potentially get a great deal due to builder incentives, pricing advantages are not guaranteed and sometimes upgrades can cause you to go over budget.

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DeLuca Homes is happy to provide both to-be-built and quick move-in homes, however, if the benefits of a quick move-in home align with your current needs it’s certainly worth looking into. We’re more than happy to help you decide which is best for you and if the answer is a quick move-in home, we have options available now and ready to be moved into. Contact us today to learn more!