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The DeLuca Difference – Customer Service

From the first day you come in to talk about building a home with us, DeLuca Homes obsesses about making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Your satisfaction is definitely one of our highest priorities.


When your new DeLuca home is almost ready, you’ll meet with a Customer Service team representative who will acquaint you with your new home warranty program and our service process.


And our commitment to your peace of mind doesn’t end at closing. “DeLuca is not just building homes… they’re building communities,” says homeowner, Joyce P. “This was a big transition for us, and they made us feel at home. And the door is still open to us, even after we’ve moved in, which really says something.”


Once you move into your new DeLuca home, our customer service team is here to help you with all of your home service and warranty needs. Our courteous customer service professionals are dedicated to helping you with any questions about customer service or warranties. They will schedule appointments for all your service needs, and will also schedule two inspections of your home.


The 60-Day Home Warranty Inspection. After you’ve been in your new home for a month or two, you may discover items that qualify for warranty repair. A DeLuca customer service technician will review all of these items with you, and also perform a DeLuca Service Assessment to make sure nothing has been missed. Our Customer Service representative will then schedule any needed repairs. Our goal is to make all repairs within ten days of your initial inspection.


The One-Year Home Warranty Inspection. Your new home may go through a normal period of settling and shrinkage, which may result in common defects. Prior to your one-year anniversary, you will again have the opportunity to review your warrantable concerns with a DeLuca Customer Service technician. We will also perform DeLuca’s One-Year Service Assessment at this time, and your Customer Service representative will work with you to schedule any needed repairs.


We believe that these are the most thorough inspections in the homebuilding industry, we hope they will provide you with a home that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.


The DeLuca Homes Customer Service team is always just a phone call away at 215-860-6500.