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Tips for Enjoying Your Outdoor Space this Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and along with the warm temperatures we’ll welcome long, lazy weekends, mounds of delicious ice cream, and glasses of ice cold lemonade. There’s no better place to enjoy all the delights of summer than in the backyard of your gorgeous new DeLuca home. Outdoor spaces are included in each floor plan and styles range from cozy patios to grand decks. This summer, dress these spaces up (or down) to reflect your lifestyle and share the best moments of the season with family and friends.


Here are five ways to enjoy your outdoor space and make the most of the beautiful summer weather!


1) Turn your patio into an outdoor living room


Enjoy after-dinner drinks, long afternoons reading outside, or just a special moment curled up with a loved one by going for the ultimate in outdoor comfort. Select a few plush couches or settees, a soft outdoor rug, pillows for lounging, and a few light blankets to keep cozy after the sun goes down. This time of year, we promise your outdoor living room will get just as much use as your indoor space!


2) Enjoy s’mores with an outdoor fireplace


A back patio is the perfect spot for an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. You can find them in an array of sizes and materials to match your home’s style. The kids in your life will LOVE making s’mores, and you’ll love making sweet memories, around the fire in the comfort and safety of your own yard. What was once only an occasional camping experience can be an everyday treat at home.


3) Create an outdoor movie theatre


Your spacious yard is the perfect place for family movie night! Purchase a screen and projector, or get creative with a white sheet, and set up blankets, pillows, low chairs, and of course, a fully-loaded snack and beverage bar on the patio to enjoy your favorite films under the stars.


4) Let the light shine


Lighting can make or break interior design, but did you know you can use light to completely transform your outdoor space, too? Use string lights, fairy curtain lights, or paper lanterns to instantly create ambiance and make your patio or deck cozier and more welcoming. When you add comfortable, cushioned chairs and your favorite beverage, you’ll never want to leave. 


5) Dine outdoors in elegance


The most elegant meals this season can take place right in your own stylish backyard. Create an unforgettable dining experience with formal dinnerware, flickering candles, and a gorgeous tablescape. For ultimate luxury, have a catering company take care of all the cooking and cleaning up.

However you choose to dress up your outdoor space, it’s sure to be a highlight of your new DeLuca home. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the great outdoors this summer than right in your own backyard. For more information, please contact us at 215-860-6500.