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Tips For Securing Your Home When Traveling

Summer is here… Time for adventures and excursions! No matter where you go, whether you’ll be gone for two days or two weeks, make sure your home is secure. Taking a few smart steps toward protecting your home while you’re away could mean coming back to a safe and sound abode instead of one that has been invaded.

  • Keep your home from looking empty while you’re on vacation. From a house sitter to placing holds on your mail and newspaper delivery, there are plenty of ways to make your home seem less vacant.


  • Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your place. At the very least, ask someone you know to drive by every now and again to make sure everything is OK. Give someone you trust a key so he or she can toss any packages or flyers on the porch inside the door. Even if you have the postal service hold your mail, you may still receive packages from other carriers.


  • Timed lights, motion detectors, and a tidy yard are all deterrents to thieves. Keep the lawn service coming.Maintaining a normal level of activity will help give your house a lived-in look while you are gone.


  • Make sure all windows and entry doors are locked. Secure sliding doors, garage doors and any pet entrances before leaving, as well. They can provide easy access to your home.


  • Move valuables away from windows. Be aware of what is visible if someone is looking in from the outside. Laptops, flat-screen TVs and other pricey stuff within sight of a window make an easy target for a burglar.


  • Don’t forget to make arrangements for the care of your pets when you’re away. If possible, hire a pet sitter to stop by once or twice each day. Not only will your pet be happier at home than in a kennel, but your house will be looked after as well.


  • Don’t post your whereabouts on social media sites. Wait until after you return from vacation to post your photos to Facebook, Instagram, etc. Otherwise you’re alerting everyone that your home is unattended.