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Ways To Make Your New DeLuca House Feel Like “Home”

Getting settled in and making your new house feel like home is essential once you’ve survived the upheaval of moving. It will take a while for the new space to feel like it’s yours, but here are some tips for making things feel like “home” a little more quickly.


  1. Sort out the closets and dressers. Not being able to find someone’s fleecy PJs or favorite sweater, much less underwear, socks and shoes, will only make things rougher in the morning.


  1. Stick to your routines… especially if you have kids. If possible, set things up like they were in your old house – coat and/or key hooks, the cereal station, laundry baskets. Keep to bedtimes, and any other routines – like Sunday pancakes or nightly walks.


  1. Fix up the kids’ rooms sooner rather than later. They’re going to be feeling out of sorts, so letting them unpack and set up their rooms will make them feel happier and more secure. Plus, you’ll have a safe place for them to hang while you’re trying to figure everything else out.


  1. Make it smell like home. Scent is our strongest sense. It immediately transports us – and can be instantly comforting. If your old house smelled like bread, start baking! Or if you have a favorite scented candle, light it up. At the very least, buy some fresh cut flowers. Never underestimate the effect of roses, lavender or lilies.


  1. Make it sound like home. Your favorite tunes wafting through your new halls will also help make the space feel more familiar while you’re getting things organized. Open the windows so you can hear the sounds of your new neighborhood. And put down area rugs down on the floor to help lessen the bareness you might be feeling.


  1. Don’t forget the outside! It may seem ridiculous when you have a million other things to do, but you’ll see. Hang a wreath on the door, plant some flowers in a pot, set up the patio furniture. You’ll feel more relaxed when you come home, and your neighbors will see that you care about your home’s “face”.