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What are Some of the Best YouTube Channels for New Homeowners?

Buying a new home is no small task. Especially if it’s your first time. There’s a lot of information to know and understand before the home is even built, like the building process, how a mortgage works, finding the right floor plan, and more. Even once you’ve purchased the home, most first-time home buyers are curious about the best ways to maintain their investment and keep up curb appeal. For those who have relocated to a new state or city, you may want to learn a bit more about your new area.

With several decades of experience, DeLuca Homes has helped all kinds of home buyers and answered their questions throughout the process and beyond. But can you really have too much help? Whether it’s your first time buying or you’ve purchased many homes before, we understand the importance of having additional resources to call upon for help. As a top research tool, YouTube provides a ton of resources for first-time home buyers that can be referenced during whatever stage of the home buying process you’re in. Here, we’ve put together a list of the best YouTube channels to follow. Enjoy!


Helpful YouTube Accounts for First-Time Home Buyers

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1. Homebuyer’s School

School is in the name, so you know to get ready for some educational videos. This channel encompasses a ton of great videos for all things home buying. Here, you’ll learn strategies, tactics, and tips that help to prepare and educate you along your home buying journey. It provides advice and information from several experts, like loan officers, real estate agents, designers, and more, to answer the most commonly asked questions by first home buyers.

2. DIY Hip Chicks

This channel was created by Beth Allen as a resource for women homeowners to save time and money on repairs and improvements through simple, fun DIY and educational videos. Her videos provide practical, affordable, and doable solutions when it comes to maintaining and improving your new home. Learn how to properly use basic tools, tips and tricks, fun home DIY ideas, and more, all from a funny, sassy chick on a mission.

3. Grass Daddy

Once you’ve purchased a beautiful new home, you’ll want a nice looking lawn to match. Luckily, this Grass Daddy channel is here to help you keep your lawn green and healthy with videos all about lawn care and maintenance. This dad of 5 provides tips and tricks to keep your home’s lawn looking fresh. There are videos for mowing techniques, proper fertilizing, soil testing, how-tos, lawn product reviews, and more. With these fun videos, you will gain the confidence to tackle your lawn and make it the best it can be.

4. Kelly Zitlow

Homebuying is a big investment with a lot of money and financial aspects involved. With years of experience as a Senior Mortgage Advisor, Kelly Zitlow’s videos are perfect for helping people navigate and understand how loans and mortgages work, along with insights on the housing market. For first-time home buyers, it’s a great resource for tips and education about mortgage loans and where to start when applying for one.

5. Living in Philadelphia

As a proud builder in Philadelphia, we had to add this channel to the list. If you’re planning to relocate to the greater Philadelphia area or just curious about what it’s like to live here, this channel is for you. It reviews all counties and neighborhoods in the area and answers the top questions about living here. Be sure to check out the videos on Bucks and Montgomery county where we build!


Build Your New Home with DeLuca!

When building your home with DeLuca Homes, you can expect to have the help of a dedicated team guiding you through the process. We love helping our homeowners feel at ease by making sure they have all of the information they need. We keep an open line of communication along the way as we work together to build your dream home.

Our process starts with understanding your needs and lifestyle. This helps us ensure we find a community, home site, and floor plan that’s right for you. Your Sales Representative will assist you in the mortgage process, finalizing your sales agreement, and establishing an estimated settlement date. Then, you can add personal touches and upgrades with our extensive selection of options. During that time, we’ll apply for permits, start ordering materials, and other internal steps to make sure your home is built on schedule.

Before closing on your home, we want to make sure you’re happy and included in the process. That’s why our building process includes you in reviewing the plans and selections, walking through with us during inspection, learning about the features and appliances, and providing feedback on anything that still needs to be improved. After a final walkthrough, you’re ready to close with confidence and be welcomed to your new home!

DeLuca Homes is glad to be able to share with you these helpful resources and hopes to make your first home buying experience a great one. If you’re a new homeowner and looking to build in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania, please consider an architecturally stunning home in one of our unique communities. Even if you’ve owned a home before, we’d be honored to show you what makes our homes so special and offer a fun, collaborative home buying experience. Contact us today for more information!