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What is a Quick Move-in Home and Why Purchase One?

Looking for your dream home but don’t want to wait? You may want to consider a quick move-in home over waiting for one to be built. Not only will this type of new home allow you to move in faster, but there are also other benefits you may not be aware of.


What is a Quick Move-In Home?

At DeLuca Homes, our quick move-in homes are new homes that are partially or fully complete. These new homes may have a 30-90 day timeline depending on the type of construction necessary. Many of our quick move-in homes are equipped with certain features and upgrades, setting them apart from other homes.


What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of purchasing a quick move-in home are:


  • Easy Relocation

Quick move-in homes are great if you are looking to relocate for new job opportunities or changes in circumstances. Since they are nearly or already finished, the time needed to complete the home buying process is drastically decreased. 


Today’s chaotic real estate market cannot guarantee you will receive the home you place an offer on. Furthermore, if you do, you may to pay over the asking price for the home. Quick move-in homes don’t have the same level of competition. The home you want is the home you get. 


  • Comes With Standard Features

All builders provide standard features in their homes. But often with a quick move-in homes, features that normally might be an expensive upgrade come standard within that home. This may include energy efficient features, upgraded kitchen counters, appliances and cabinets, unique finishes, advanced smart technology, and more. 

  • Shorter Wait Period

When you build a new home, the timeline for completion generally takes eight to ten months. Quick move-in homes provide personalized design features with less wait. At DeLuca, your time frame will depend on what stage of the building process your home is currently in. 


  • Potential Pricing Advantage

Quick move-in homes contain pricing advantages over homes that are still to be built. A quick move-in home may have a fixed price; the price on the website/listing reflects the actual cost. There is no guesswork, no unexpected costs, and eliminates the hassle of bidding wars.


Choosing a quick move-in home also means being able to take advantage of current interest rates, which means that you may be able to increase your buying power. You might just find a home that has more inclusions or is larger for the same price. 


  • Warranty

When it comes to our quick move-in homes, DeLuca offers exceptional warranties covering defects in workmanship, materials, major mechanical defects, and structural issues.


Quick move-in homes offer advantages that you may not have considered. They are perfect for quick relocations, a growing family, or if your situation changes. They offer the opportunity to buy a new home without the wait or hassle. They feature the thoughtfully curated choices of our professional designers, with the latest trends and features.


All of these benefits show why quick move-in homes are a very attractive option. Check out our single family homes, town homes, and active adult homes in Bucks County, PA, to get an idea of what we can do for you.