What to Expect



Without question, the purchase of a new home is a major event in your life. You don’t have to go through it alone. For more than 50 years, DeLuca Homes has helped thousands of people like you through the buying and building process by listening carefully to their desires and needs and providing guidance along the way. Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed of the who, what, where, when and how every step of the way as we work together with you to build the home of your dreams.



Location, location, location – One of the first steps to purchasing a new home is deciding where you want to live. DeLuca Homes has many communities nestled in prime locations with access to schools, cultural centers, businesses, transportation, parks, and other conveniences that add to the quality of your life. Visit any DeLuca Homes Community Sales Center and talk with our Sales Representative about your lifestyle needs and what’s important to you in choosing a location.

Once you’ve decided which community and site best suits your needs, you can put down a small, totally refundable deposit to reserve the site for you.



House Design – You’ve chosen a site and made a deposit, it’s time to choose a specific home model and select which available architectural options (structural options) you wish to include in your home. Your Sales Representative will sit down with you to go over all the various options available to you, along with their costs, and answer any questions you may have. This will give you a very close estimate to the actual total cost of your home, which you’ll need when applying for your mortgage.

Qualification – Now that your home site and architectural choices have been made your Sales Representative will assist you in gathering and reviewing your financial information to ensure you have everything necessary to apply for a mortgage.

Agreement of Sale– An Agreement of Sale will be drawn up for you contractually outlining the choices you have made and their costs. Upon signing the agreement, an additional deposit of ten percent of the total sale price will be required. An estimated settlement date will also be established…yeah!

Mortgage Application – Within five days after signing the Agreement of Sale, you’ll apply for a mortgage and supply your DeLuca Homes Sales Representative with a copy of the application. A copy of your mortgage commitment will need to be received within 30 days of the Agreement of Sale.



Back to the fun stuff. Within 30 days of the signing of your Agreement of Sale you’re ready to add those special personal touches and select your decor, non-structural options, and upgrades. DeLuca Homes has a very extensive selection of options. Your Sales Representative will work with you to discuss your specific needs and desires and the many options available to you.



DeLuca Homes makes sure you are involved in all phases of building your home. Before construction starts, you will meet with your Neighborhood Construction Manager, who will go over the actual building process of your home. To keep you up to date on its progress and to know when certain decisions and reviews need to be made, you will be provided with a timeline detailing the various stages of the building process. Your Construction Manager is easily assessable and is always available to answer any questions you may have throughout the building of your home.



Pre-Settlement Orientation – Prior to settlement of your new home, your Settlement Coordinator will invite you to a special site visit with your Construction Manager. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the features of your new home and ensure that it meets your expectations. You will inspect the home one last time the day of settlement to ensure any concerns you had previously stated have been addressed.

Settlement (“The Big Day”) – Approximately 30 days in advance of your estimated closing date, your Settlement Coordinator will notify you in writing of the place, date, and time of settlement. At the time of settlement, all final payments and closing costs will be required.



You did it! Congratulations new homeowner. The next steps are yours but know that DeLuca Homes will still be there to assist you if anything needs attention or you have questions. We’re just a phone call away. Now break out the champagne…cheers!