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What To Expect When Building a New DeLuca Home

Home exterior.

You drive up to a quiet, tree-lined street in one of Bucks County’s most desirable neighborhoods. Waiting there is a gorgeous, modern home that looks just like you’ve always imagined. Whether you’re coming back from a day of work or a week of vacation, you know that the greatest comfort in the world is all yours just inside…


Building a beautiful new living space with DeLuca Homes is an experience unlike any other. From beginning to end, we make sure that you feel confident in where you’re heading (and actually enjoy the ride while you’re at it). Before we hand you the keys to your all-time dream space, here’s what you can expect when you build with our caring, knowledgeable, and fun DeLuca Homes team: 


Working With Your Sales Representative


Choose a Location: We offer a wide variety of communities and sites to choose from, all within easy access to great schools, transportation, recreation, and more! With the help of your sales representative, you’ll discover the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. You can then put down a refundable deposit to reserve the site.


Choose a Floor Plan: Once your deposit is made, you’ll sit down with your sales representative to go over floor plan and structural options, price points, and any questions that you may have. This is the perfect time to go over a close estimate of the total cost of your home, so that you’re prepared when applying for a mortgage.


Steps to Your Mortgage: We’ll gather and review your financial information, and then draw up a contract that outlines your choices and their costs. Once you sign this Agreement of Sale, you’ll put down a deposit of 10 percent of the total sale, and receive an estimated settlement date! Can you taste the champagne now?


Mortgage Application: You’ll apply for a mortgage within 5 days of signing your agreement, and provide your sales representative with a copy of this application. Within 30 days of the Agreement of Sale, you’ll also provide a copy of your mortgage commitment. 


Add Personal Touches: Within 30 days of signing your agreement, you’ll customize your brand new home to your liking, from decor options to upgrades and everything in between. Your sales representative will be with you every step of the way to make this part of the process as fun and easy as possible. 


Working With Your Construction Manager


The Building Process: Before construction begins, you and your construction manager will go over each stage of the process to give you a working timeline that you can trust. You’ll always be aware of your home’s progress as well as when certain decisions will be made. Not to mention, your construction manager is always on hand to answer your questions!


Working With Your Settlement Coordinator


Pre-Settlement Orientation: Before settlement,  your settlement coordinator will invite you to a site visit with your construction manager, where you’ll check out the features of your home and decide whether they fit your needs and meet your expectations. We guarantee that any concerns will be addressed, and you’ll get to inspect your home once again on the day of settlement!


The Big Day: The day has come! We’ll be there cheering beside you. Your settlement coordinator will let you know the place, date, and time of settlement about 30 days in advance of your estimated closing date. When settlement arrives, you’ll finalize all payments and closing costs. Your greatest days are just ahead…


Living in Your New Dream Home


Congratulations!: You’re officially a DeLuca homeowner! Once you’ve built a home with us, you’re part of the DeLuca family for life, so we’re always here for you to answer any questions. Your best adventure starts now!
For more information about our DeLuca homes and communities throughout Bucks County, please give us a call at 215-860-6500. Our team cannot wait to get started!