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Why NOW Is A Good Time To Buy A New DeLuca Home

You’ve done it… made the decision to buy a new home. Time to get the process moving! Here are several reasons why buying a DeLuca home NOW is a great idea.

  • Interest rates are going up! And over time, the Fed is expected to continue raising interest rates, so mortgage rates are expected to continue moving up, too. That will influence both how much home you can afford, as well as how much you’ll pay over the span of the loan. Think a one or two percent increase won’t affect your bottom line too much? Take a look below! 

If you buy a $365,900 home with a 30-year mortgage:

At 4.25%, you’ll pay $1,800 / month.

At 5.25%, you’ll pay $2,021 / month.

That’s a difference of $79,560 over the life of the loan. Don’t waste your hard-earned money – lock in a lower rate today!

  • Limited time incentives. We have homes and communities to sell, so check to see what incentives we’re offering to sweeten the deal. For example:

At The Reserve at Weatherby, we’re offering $35,000 toward options & upgrades until 3/31.  AND The Reserve only has 6 homesites left including the model home which is now for sale! 

The quick-move-in homes at The Courts at Weatherby now have exceptional pricing.

There are only a few homesites remaining at The Estates at Devonshire.  

  • Inventory homes shorten the wait. If you need to move quickly or want to be in your new home by Spring, a move-in ready home may be a good choice. Take a look at the “Move-in ready homes” page on our website. The home of your dreams may be waiting for you!
  • Industry-wide costs are rising. Throughout the homebuilding industry, the costs of materials and labor have been going up. This has a direct effect on home prices and forces us to try to balance our costs with your ability to afford a home. Material and labor costs are wild cards at the moment, so we can’t predict the long-term ramifications. Buying a home sooner rather than later is advisable.

DeLuca Homes builds homes and communities in some of the most sought-after locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. They are conveniently located near schools, shopping, and local work places, and fit a variety of lifestyles. Come see for yourself. You are welcome to visit our model homes, and talk to the sales managers about any home buying questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!