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Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a New DeLuca Home

Mortgage rates are currently on the rise, so right now is the perfect opportunity to save big on the luxury home you deserve. 2019 is your year to grab life by the horns and make an exciting change in your life — buying a gorgeous, modern DeLuca home now means you get to lock in a good rate, save big, and seize the day.

With customizable floor plans as well as move-in-ready homes in the most charming areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, now is your chance to come home to a peaceful and spacious community that’s built for you! In one of our contemporary and carefully crafted homes, you can live as comfortably as can be while embracing the things you know and love the most.

When naturally fluctuating interest rates are low, there’s truly no better time to act. You can feel confident in taking the leap now before prices rise again — this time around, you’ll get to lock in a good rate and save. With high-quality features and the ability to make selections and customize your floor plan, your DeLuca home will truly be your perfect match.

With brand new, untouched everything, you get to be the very first one to feel the magic of your home and fill it with love. Step inside and notice the difference in the details… Your beautiful home is designed for you to experience life at its absolute best!

Despite ever-changing mortgage rates, you’re still in control, and right now is your time to get exactly what you’ve always wanted. The warm and welcoming place that you will love to come home to every day, a NEW DeLuca home is closer than you think! Please call 267-756-1506 for more information.