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3 Myths of Homebuying — and How DeLuca Homes Overcomes Them

If you’ve started your new home journey, you’ve probably heard a few stories about financial pitfalls or difficult builders (and everything in between). But at DeLuca Homes, we do things differently — and we’re here to debunk the common myths that might be making you fearful of what should(and will) be one of the most exciting times of your life.


When you work with a team that cares about your new home just as much as you do, you can be sure that the road to move-in day is smooth, easy, and enjoyable. At DeLuca Homes, our biggest passion is making people like you happy — and this is our promise when you trust us to build your new home in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Take a look at the myths you’ve come across, and how they never have (and never will) apply here:


Myth #1: Buying a new home is a difficult process

We’ve mapped out our entire building process, step-by-step, so you always know where we are (and where your home is) throughout your journey. Your peace of mind is our biggest priority, so we ensure that you feel as confident as possible about your home right from the start.

Most of all, with our knowledgeable and caring team by your side, you’ll never have to worry about having a question go unanswered. We’re always here to guarantee that you feel great — because that’s exactly how you’ll feel in your brand new home.

Check out what our easy 12-step process looks like, from choosing your home’s distinct features all the way to move-in day, and beyond!


Myth #2: You get left in the dark.

Every single day, our team comes into work with one goal in mind: to build remarkable homes and communities for homeowners to spend the rest of their lives in. Our collective mission to lead the industry in craftsmanship and service has helped us to become one of the area’s most trusted and innovative homebuilders.


For over 50 years, DeLuca Homes has been doing things differently, and that’s what makes all the difference. Our core values of quality, craftsmanship, and a customer-first approach allow us to guarantee that you’ll never feel left behind or misinformed about any aspect of your new home.



Myth #3: You’re alone after you move into your home.


Have you heard stories about builders cutting ties with their homeowners the moment they move into their new homes? At DeLuca Homes, that’s just not our style. Our incredible customer service team makes sure that everything’s working perfectly in your new home, and most importantly, that you’re as happy as can be.

With your 1-year, 10-year, or 12-year warranty, you’ll never miss a night of sleep worrying about unforeseen problems — because you can alwayscount on being protected.

Of course, we’re right here in the neighborhood, so you can give us a call whenever you need to.


If you’re looking for your next great adventure, DeLuca Homes has your perfect match waiting with open arms. Forget about the myths that you’ve heard — with us, everything’s completely different. Put your new home in our hands, and we’ll take all the stress off of yours.


For more information on our building process, and homes and communities in the best areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, please visit our website, or call 215-860-6500. We can’t wait to welcome you home!